"The essence of this body of work is both simple and complex; a perceptual experience drawn from water, glass, and light. It speaks to poetry, silence, and the sublime, but also science and reason.

A grouping of water-filled glass boxes, a sculpture and a living painting, slowly yet constantly changes, embodying entropy and impermanence. With time, things form in these containers such as condensation droplets, air bubbles, and bio-matter. Capillary action pulls rainwater with its impurities over the edge and into the tank, with each tank becoming a unique ecosystem. Each tank is also reflected in and refracted by its neighboring tanks, creating an ever-shifting kaleidoscopic three-dimensional canvas, while also drawing in the surrounding architecture and landscape. A spare repetitive pattern - but nothing really repeats in repetition.

Introducing water into a field of glass structures amplifies our perception of the geometric field itself as well as the environment in which it sits, and in so doing invites the viewer to look perhaps a little further within and without."


David Teeple


Twenty-five Cuboid Stack, I     2017


MAKING: Then and Now

Gregory Crewdson, Don Gummer, Stephen Hannock, Jenny Holzer, Maya Lin, David Teeple.

Hancock Shaker Village - Pittsfield, Massachusetts

July 1 to November 12, 2017


"Embracing the daily experience was fundamental to the Shakers' way of life. Central to the understanding was the knowledge of craft; the act of making with remarkable design and skill. MAKING: Then and Now is a wonderful celebration of this understanding."


Ken Burns


Sixteen Cuboid Float, I     2017


Twelve Cuboid Stack, I     2017


Seven Cuboid Stack, I     2017


Sixteen Tank Stack, 1 : model     2017


Single Tank in White Landscape, 1     2017