Models and Drawings


Can a collective memory be found, immersed in a simple container of water?


Acrylic, wire, and hydrocal models

I am designing, developing and engineering a series of large-scale water, glass and light sculptures. The models represent these monolithic sculptures in landscape.

“Imagine a large glass tank, a massive container of water, reflecting and refracting the surroundings in a rural landscape, or sitting at the edge of an urban park, pushing into the sidewalk, or jutting out from the side of a building. Think of architecture for a sense of scale - a rectangular prism, fifteen by eleven by three feet, obliquely sitting in the landscape like a quartz crystal jutting from an open mine; or a fifty-five foot long water-filled glass cylinder laying across a ravine like a section of light-distorting crystal pipe. These are light-emanating monuments, celebrating not only the beauty and magic of a simple volume of water, but also nodding to the growing scarcity of clean water in our communities and farmlands, rivers and oceans. Imagine these large volumes of water provoking a sense of connection to this basic and essential element of our lives.”


Wood and Aluminum Models


180 Tank Field 3D Model


Unfolded Catalan Solids


Shark Tank Drawings